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Ashou Oil

Ashou Oil Elixir

Ashou Oil Elixir

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This oil elixir promotes hair growth, thickening, and strengthening while reducing shedding.


Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Haitian Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Leaf, Fenugreek Seed, Horsetail Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Black Seed, Amla Powder, Neem Powder, Bamboo extract Powder, Rosemary Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

This product contains tree nuts

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Embrace the beauty of nature's touch, Nurture your Crown, crafted with tender embrace, a Black Hair Treasure, loves's own grace. its a homemade delight, Enhancing your beauty, Empowering you Light